Stay away from NSW schools if you’ve just returned from “greater metropolitan Melbourne”

4 06 2009

My daughters go to a girls’ school up here in Sydney, in NSW. We got an update email from the Principal today:

Dear Parents,

With respect to the School Exclusion Policy, please note that there has been an important change to the definition of the areas of concern. Any school child returning from an “area of high prevalence” of human swine influenza will be required to stay away from school for seven days after their return to NSW.

The Australian Chief Medical Officer will provide a definition for these areas, however, in the interim, greater metropolitan Melbourne should be added to the list of countries previously advised (Mexico, Canada, the United States, Japan, and Panama).

This is because of the widespread community transmission of the virus being experienced in Victoria, particularly in the Melbourne metropolitan area.As before, if the child remains well after seven days they can return to school.

Victoria is going through a hard time at the moment. I’ve updated the graph comparing cumulative cases in Victoria with cumulative cases in all the rest of Australia. Here it is:

vic vs rest of Australia 2




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