Victoria stops reporting?

9 06 2009

Following a tip from a commenter, I’ve found some interesting stuff in the Australian today:

But Victoria’s decision last Wednesday to shift away from widespread laboratory testing for swine flu to doctors’ diagnoses of clinical symptoms could affect future national reporting.

Victoria last night raised its swine flu tally to 1011, up from 874 on Friday.

But the “new” infections are comparatively old, arising from tests that were performed five or more days ago.

They may be some of the last to be published in daily updates, now that the state has abandoned efforts to contain the virus and sought to limit damage to its tourism industry.

It looks like daily reporting from Victoria is going to stop. We certainly got no increase today. It will be interesting to see what happens when the other states change to the same level as Victoria, which could happen as early as tomorrow.




3 responses

10 06 2009

Thanks for following up mate. Funny that 5+ TV channels and dozens of papers can’t do the news as well as one guy 😉

11 06 2009

Thanks mate – appreciate it.

17 06 2009
Doesn't matter

I live in VIC and I’ll follow you, thanks mate

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