“The new guidelines … are much more sensible now” – Guest comment by Dr Attila Danko

18 06 2009

This blog has never had a guest comment before, but, as I understand it, it’s an acceptable part of the “blog genre”. So it’s with great pleasure that I can present to you Dr Danko’s views on the move to “Protect” that’s happening in Australia. Dr Danko has contributed some great comments to this blog in recent days. He’s a GP in Ballarat in regional Victoria – and is an expert “on the ground” with some well thought out views. He starts with a link to an article in the Medical Journal of Australia, by the director and deputy of Austin Health. Austin has been at the centre of the Swine Flu outbreak in Melbourne.

(You may be wondering what the difference is between a guest post and a guest “comment”. I think it’s length.)


An article just appeared by a couple of infectious disease specialists that confirm and expand on what I wrote about recently.

Here’s one of my favorite lines from them:
“With laboratory results taking days to return, the only clinical solution would be to commence oseltamivir immediately influenza is suspected — in which case, at Austin Health we would be treating up to 80% of patients for a disease they do not have.”

Remember Austin Health is pretty much the epicentre of this new virus and even there they agreed that 80% of patients with “influenza like illness” did not have influenza.

Fortunately the new guidelines put out by the authorities are much more sensible now




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