New graphs for specific countries (USA, UK, Canada, Mexico) and specific Australian states

28 06 2009

I’ve started experimenting with some new graphs for different countries using the WHO data. The first graph shows the total number of confirmed cases in each of 5 countries. These numbers are cumulative, that is they show people who have the swine flu virus now, or who have had it some time in the past. The critical thing I’ve done, though, is expressed these numbers as “cases per 100,000 of population”. This makes the rates comparable across each of the countries. So, for example, Canada is shown as having reported 19.98 cases per 100,000 – this is the same as Canada’s current reported cases of 6,732 (assuming a population of 33.695m).

as at this week propn infected

The next graph just shows how this weekly snapshot (as at each Friday) has changed over time:

proportion of population infected per 100K v2

A better measure of the current rate of spread of the virus is to look at NEW cases reported in the last week. I’ve done that in the graph below – but again I’ve expressed that figure as weekly new cases per 100,000 of population so that the countries are comparable:

New cases each week global

By the way, I’ve done these type of graphs for Australia and the individual states. They are under “Australian Graphs” at the top of this blog. I’ve also updated the usual global graphs at the top of this blog too.




2 responses

1 07 2009

Uh, not very nice stats for us in Canada!

12 07 2009
Snake Oil Baron

Especially since this is as far from our flu season as one could imagine.

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