The virus hasn’t taken a break

11 07 2009

While I’ve taken an unsceheduled break from blogging, the virus down here in Oz hasn’t slowed down. I’ve updated the Australian graphs at the top of this blog – and you’ll see that this last week has seen the largest increase so far in new cases.

We have now had 18 deaths.

A lot of people are also ending up in hospital. Here’s an extract from today’s Health and Ageing Department status report:

There are currently 139 people in hospital around Australia with Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and 29 of these are in Intensive Care Units.

There are 51 patients in hospital in Victoria, 38 in NSW, 13 in the Northern Territory, 18 in Queensland, 14 in South Australia, 2 in ACT, 2 in Western Australia and 1 in Tasmania.

ICU admissions: Of the 29 people currently in Intensive Care Units, 6 of these are in NSW, 16 in Victoria, 5 in Queensland, 1 in South Australia and 1 in Western Australia.

The total number of hospitalisations in Australia since Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 was identified is 897.




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