Weekly graph shows the magnitude of the current spread

14 07 2009

I’ve done a weekly graph of new cases in Australia – to smooth out the daily “noise”. It shows a remarkable story. The number of new cases each week here is climbing dramatically as our Winter wears on. Each week we have significantly more new cases reported than the week before. Note that this is NOT a “cumulative” graph. This is a graph of new cases reported each week – I am NOT adding this week’s cases onto last week’s cases.

So, in the last 7 days we’ve had 3,475 new cases of Swine Flu reported. The week before we had 2,263 new cases reported. (In other words, the number of people in the last two weeks who’ve been diagnosed with Swine Flu has increased by 2,263 + 3,475).

Jim Bishop, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer said today he doesn’t expect a peak in this virus until August. I assume we will continue to see these new case weekly bars keep climbing until then. Our Spring comes in Septenber – not a moment too soon it seems.

weekly NEW cases Australia




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