July 17th update – 768 new cases

18 07 2009

I’ve updated the graphs at the top of this blog for Australia as at 17th July. With the addition of 768 new cases the 7 day moving average of new cases continues to climb (from 558 to 576).

Here is the extract from the Department of Health and Ageing’s July 17th update re hospitalisations:

There are currently 202 people in hospital around Australia with Pandemic (H1N1)

2009 and 83 of these are in Intensive Care Units.

There are 75 patients in hospital in NSW, 37 in Victoria, 35 in Queensland, 22 in South Australia, 19 in the Northern Territory, 7 in Tasmania, 5 in Western Australia and 2 in the ACT.

ICU admissions: Of the 83 people currently in Intensive Care Units, 40 are in NSW,

19 in Victoria, 13 in Queensland, 4 in South Australia, 3 in Western Australia, 2 in the NT and 2 in the ACT.

The total number of hospitalisations in Australia since Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 was identified is 1332.




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