23rd July update

23 07 2009

I’ve updated the Australian graphs at the top of this blog for today’s update from the Department of Health and Ageing. 7 day moving average continues to edge up – now 644.




2 responses

24 07 2009
Debbie Higgison

My sister in law is one of the people in sydney on life support. she has been in coma for over a week. NO Gp or even the hospital took her seriously when she presented 4 time extremly unwell. not untill she with her last breaths called an abulance and with in 15 minutes was unconsious and then slipped into acoma. going on 2 weeks now.
It pisses me off that people are not taking this seriously. My daughter had my first grandson on saturday, 4 weeks premi. we took all precautions and anyone who had been near my sister in law and my husbands whole family could not come to see them. I noticed A4 signs on yesterday sayin STOP Attention Patients & Visitors In the interest otf the health and safety of our mothers and babies, all visiting will be restricted to the following.
– two visitors at one time per patient – in the interest of protecting childrens health- No children will be permitted in the maternity units. Then blackout but just readable it says(If any visitors havr signs of cough, sore throat , fever or other resparitory illness, they will be asked to leave the unit.

Management and staff of the women , childrens and youth health network apologies for any inconvienience. This is a temporary arragement in view of the large number of swine flu cases in western sydney.

There were people and kids runny noses coughting etc going on and NO ONE said or did anything, there were people in and out with children most running around and still no one said anything.

I didnot see this sign till yesterday as it blends with every other sign and no effort was made to make in prominant or have some at the door of maternity enforcing it.

I washed my hands but am very aware of coughing sneezing etc because of my sister in law. and had kept away from the hospital because of that. And when I brought my other kids in , they never held the baby but did wash there hands before touching him. Now that i have seen the sign , I will not take them back. But other people are so blahsai about it and because it is not enforced no one seems to care.

Even Gps are treating it like its the common cold and dissmissing people or saying its is but you dont have to do anything about it here a script for tamiflu treat it like any other flu and rest. you dont need to isolated do what you normally do.

Anothe r Gp said you would be better off with swine flu than normal flu you would get over it quicker. and others just send you away when you have questions. The hospitals and the media say one thing GPs say another , it is spreading quite viciously and for those who do have it are to embarressed to say anythin to anyone, nor retrace where they have been and who they have been in contact with.

With the school holidays things will get worse. Now one of my best friends son 10yrs old has been diagnosed and his been in vacation care with 40 other kids. The swab was taken today and it will be 5 days till results , but thats when the kids return to school. Now my friend told me knowing my kids spent 5-6hrs with hers on tuesday. And I got scared because we had finally got to see our new additon to our family today after staying away. and now this. Although not confirmed her dr seems quite sure, but didnt tell her to isolate themselves or take precations other thatn do what you normally do when your sick.

Im confused at the mixed messages being given. seeing it first hand and having a 5 and 9 yo and a 20yo who has just had a premi baby, why is there so many different views on something that is obviously so dangerous.

Please can you tell me why the public are being given such misleading confusing contradictive information.

24 07 2009

Hi Debbie

I don’t know what to say – I’m not sure I can answer your question about why such different information is going out to the public. It seems to me that people in the health system are very busy right now and that means they may be giving contradictory signals.

Thank you so much for your comment. It sounds really hard and frustrating. Can you please keep us informed on how your sister-in-law is going. And how your kids and grand-son are going. I’ll keep your sister-in-law in my prayers – and I’m sure others will too. Congratulations, too, by the way on the birth of your first grand-son! How exciting to be a grandmother: even with everything else going on in your family right now.

Warm regards


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