July 30 – Department of Health and Ageing made a mistake yesterday

30 07 2009

The Department of Health and Ageing figures for today are 20,688 confirmed cases. Yesterday they posted 21,109. Given that these numbers can’t go backwards (like the kangaroo and emu on our coat of arms), I assume the Department meant (not that they’ve said anything) 20,109 yesterday, ie 1,000 fewer cases. That still means that the increase yesterday was 1,083. And the increase to today’s number is 579. Nonetheless, this readjustment brings the 7 day moving average (of new daily confirmed cases) down from the 900s to 712.

There seems to be no mistake with yesterday’s hospitalisation figures. Figures today have moved around a bit – total number of people in hospital slightly down, total number in ICU up.

The graphs below tell the story. As always, you can see these graphs in more detail, as well as some others, at the top of this blog (at “Australian Swine Flu Graphs“, which I try to update daily). You can also, by the way, double-click on any of these graphs and that should blow them up for you to get a better look.

7 day move avg australiaaust hospitalisations




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