Daily hospital admissions plateau: are we still yet to see the peak?

27 08 2009

So maybe I was premature yeaterday in calling a peak for the first phase here in Oz. Today I finally got around to graphing daily hospital admissions of people with Swine Flu. And, as you can see, this graph isn’t really showing a peak yet.

Just to be clear: this graph is the 7 day moving average of new daily admissions to Australian hospitals of people who have tested positive to Swine Flu.7 day move avg hospital admissions

The graph is basically still flat – with no decline to speak of, that I can see. Over the last two months it’s varied between 90 and 50 admissions per day, and right now is basically back at its average of 74 admissions per day. We’re plateauing – but we’re not declining.

As I said yesterday: Are we at the peak? I don’t know. Let’s see what the next week brings.

(As always you can click on this graph to blow it up for a closer look. Then click the back button on your browser to get back to this post).




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