My name is Nick and I live in Sydney. I’m a Dad and I’m blogging so as to get my thoughts in order about swine flu. You can email me at swine dot flu dot in dot oz at live dot com.


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3 06 2009

Welcome And good luck! I will include you in my blogrol

3 06 2009

Hi Paul. Thanks for this. That’s a real honour. Cheers. Nick.

6 06 2009
Mike Coston


Crof turned me onto your blog. Glad to have a flu blogger from your part of the world.

I’m adding you to my blogroll and will try to steer some traffic in your direction.



6 06 2009

Hi Mike

Thanks a lot for the kind words. And it’s a real privilege to get added to your roll.

Warm regards


8 06 2009

Hey Nick,

Nice site, very very helpful stats and great details too. Keep it up. I’m going to Melbourne in July, hopefully things will get better down there.

Thanks again, cheers mate. (:

8 06 2009

Hi Kenz, thanks for the feedback. Good luck with the travels!

10 06 2009


great to see an oz reporter…. i am a layperson in regard to medicine, however have had an active interest in ‘flu news’ for a couple of years now. Great to see your blog on ‘down under’ news and status – keep up the good work,

11 06 2009

Thanks mate – I’ll be trying to. Cheers. Nick.

16 07 2009


I am Australian Ex-pat living in Dublin, interested in seeing what is happening back home as it is a precursor to the Northern winter. But I have noticed papers like The Age online are not reporting much, there does not seem to be too much of a panic, yet it seems to be in The Times and The Guardian and is getting alot of air time in Ireland as well.

As Australia has a milder winter, I wonder what the effect of a longer colder winter will have in the next 6 months or will the vaccine counter that?

I will keep checking in…Good Luck!

16 07 2009

Hi – please keep checking in. It seems you guys are likely to have a vaccine by the time your Winter really sets in. Swine Flu is getting quite a bit of play on the ABC. Have a look at their dedicated site here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/events/swine-flu/

Thanks for reading my blog!

21 07 2009

I am always looking for clues to the impact that the H1N1 flu will have up over in the USA. This site does just that and more….

21 07 2009

Thanks mate, very much. It’s great to get the feedback.

28 07 2009
Leye Johns

Fantastic info……shame the UK does not keep us up to date as quick and as well as this…great graphs/charts………well done Nick.

28 07 2009

Hi Leye. Thanks so much for the feedback. It’s nice to wake up to! Regards. Nick.

7 08 2009

This site is really interesting since the pandemic is being compared to the 1957 Asian flu pandemic. My fellow members at AVIAN FLU TALK think that the flu will be worse than 1957. I have my own viewpoint that the swine flu is more like the 1918 flu.

9 08 2009


Trying to see if you’re still online to blog. You’ve been out since Aug 1.

Your site gives a good impressino of how things are going “down under.”


9 08 2009

Hi Neil. Yes – back on line. Life got very hectic last week with work and other issues – lots of travelling and client workshops. Typing this from a hotel room in Canberra – it’s been the story of my week. Thanks for your wishes. I’ll be back up and running soon. Warm regards. Nick.

9 08 2009

I rely on your graphs to check every day, great work!
Can you update on 1st August?

9 08 2009

Will do – sorry – I’ve been absent – out every night: meetings and travelling for work. Life settles down again soon I hope! Thanks for your support. Cheers. Nick

1 09 2009
Theron Horton

Intensive care units likely to be main battlegrounds in the war against H1N1
By Helen Branswell Medical Reporter (CP):


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