Australian swine flu graphs

This graph shows the 7 day moving average of new Swine Flu cases reported in Australia. It’s easy to read: for example, it shows that on 16th July we were running at an average of about 550 new cases of Swine Flu being reported each day in Australia. Whereas, two weeks before (on 2nd July), we were running at an average of about 200 new cases being reported each day. I’m using a 7 day moving average because it smooths out day to day noise, and noise associated with lulls in weekend reporting. (Source is the Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing, daily updates). All the graphs on this page were last updated as at 26th August 2009.

7 day move avg australia

This graph shows the number of people who are currently in hospital with Swine Flu in Australia (note that since the start of the pandemic 4,276 people have been hospitalised at some stage with Swine Flu here):

aust hospitalisations


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7 06 2009
June 7 update for Australia « Swine Flu in Australia

[…] Australian swine flu graphs […]

8 06 2009

… and all theses problems because Victoria government allows a ship load of suspected infections (cruise ship P&O) to be disembarked and dispersed into the population. A Pandora Box indeed. Irresponsible.

9 06 2009

Tuesday, June 9th, 2,009.

A much bigger cause is the fact that Mexico COULD have stopped this thing!(But spilt milk is spilt milk.)

General comment:-

The Queen’s Birthday Week-End has ONLY JUST ended(fourteen minutes ago)!

Yet the graph curve has ALREADY resumed exponential growth!(Reporting may be expected low when everyone away(That’s another thing. May need to curb mass travel!)

Latest new cases increase is second highest.

I have commented on Global Section, too.

QUESTION FOR THE EDITOR IF HE WILL: Are your blogs limited to viruses?

Who blogs on other subjects?


15 06 2009
Victoria’s rushed back in with a vengeance « Swine Flu in Australia

[…] Australian swine flu graphs […]

22 06 2009
23 06 2009

have there been any swine flu deaths in aust??

24 06 2009

Hi Bon. Yes – three deaths so far. All with pre-existing health conditions. Latest one today. Unfortunately, Government is telling us to expect more. Regards. Nick.

28 06 2009

Nick: Can you put a close button on that snap shot graph?

28 06 2009

Hi Vic. Sorry mate – not sure what you mean. Can you be a bit more specific? Cheers. Nick.

20 07 2009

Hi Vic. Sorry – I’ve exercised my prerogative and edited your comment slightly to delete the name of the Laboratories that are alleged to have made a mistake. I don’t want you (or me) sued :). Cheers. Nick.

22 07 2009
Swine Flu in Australia

[…] Australian swine flu graphs […]

22 07 2009
July 22nd update « Swine Flu in Australia

[…] Australian swine flu graphs […]

27 07 2009
27th July update: fall in new cases reported « Swine Flu in Australia

[…] Australian swine flu graphs […]

31 07 2009

I went to GP on Tuesday after falling ill with flu on Saturday, I couldnt get in on Monday.

He took my temp (which by then was back to normal), said too late for tamiflu, and gave me a script for antibotics to control any possible secondary infection on lungs.

I started feeling better Thursday, and am back at work today – no longer coughing a lot.

Not 100% sure if I had/have H1N1, but suspect it was – the GP wasnt interested in any further test (not that I asked), I got the impression that wasn’t necessarily because he thought it wasn’t swine flu, more that there was little point.

I think the genie is well and truly out of the bottle now, the comment of the pharmacist (on Tuesday) was “we are fighting a losing battle”.

I think the NSW reported confirmed figures have little merit, beyond highlighting the number of serious figures – I doubt they reflect the total population infection rate.

The good news from this is that my experience with this flu is much less severe than one I got a few years back.

31 07 2009

Thanks, Paul, for this.

2 08 2009
John Bush

I am in the US, coming to Queensland for a visit in Sept.-Oct. Any special precautions I should take? I’ll be leaving here before the vaccine is available.

2 08 2009

Hi mate. There’s nothing in particular that’s special about the virus over here as compared to the US. Just follow the general advice on personal hygiene from places like the CDC (eg: Swine Flu is no more endemic here than it is in the US at this stage, I assume. The good thing is that Qld’s climate is more like Florida’s than Alaska’s! When I traveled to the US recently, my main concern was the long flight over, rather than getting the flu when I got there. I just made sure I used the alcohol-based hand-wash liberally on the plane before every meal! Enjoy Queensland! If you get to Brisbane, make sure you see the new Gallery of Modern Art on the South side of the river – it’s fantastic. Warm regards, Nick.

2 08 2009
John Bush

Thanks, Nick. All is as I expected. This is our fifth trip “Downunder;” we love it there.

9 08 2009

hi how is it in Australia?i am from Malaysia .. is it dangerous to go over to Australia?will i get the H1N1 flu?

9 08 2009

Hi – No more dangerous than anywhere else in the world. And Summer is hopefully on its way down here soon enough!

10 08 2009

okay ty very much

14 08 2009

I’m looking for weekly Australian mortality data,
deaths from all causes or from P+I alone.
Does it exist ? Or if not from Australia then maybe from
cities or states/provinces

Is it worse than in previous years ? (just counting deaths and ignoring
age and disease burdon)

17 08 2009

There’s some data from NSW Health. Have a look here – I haven’t read it in detail but there’s usually stuff buried about deaths due to Pneunmonia compared to previous years.

15 08 2009

Are you guys really going to get the vaccine? I would strongly advise against it, at least not until you’ve researched it further.

17 08 2009

We’re doing more human trials than the UK!

31 08 2009

In India we have a particular flu patterns every year. We have four major seasons and eight sub seasonal change. Between every seasonal switch there is a wave of flu, sometime too sever. This year the season was very mild becuase of little rain, infact we have drought. And as per my experience the winter is going to be mild. This will keep the seasonal flu at low level. I doubt if swine can have high spread in the coming season. And within two or three wave it will become a seasonal flu, hurrah we will survive. Thanks to God for the drought and reduced rains.

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